Exotic Skin Handbag Dos

Store your handbags in a cool, dry place when not in use. 

Cover your handbag with a box or dust bag to prevent dust from settling on its surface.

Allow it to rest naturally, with plenty of space and nothing sitting on top of it.

Occasionally use a soft, dry cloth to maintain your handbags natural radiance.

Exotic Skin Handbag Don'ts

Do not fold or stress the handbag in any way.

Do not use any chemicals or cleaners on crocodile skin handbags. This includes cleaning and care products for conventional leathers or other exotic skins. The glazed finish applied to crocodile leather handbags is a thin, fragile layer that can be eroded away by these solvents. 

Our Recommendation 

If cleaning is needed, we recommend bringing your handbags to a professional. Ask what type of cleaner and conditioner they use. Find a professional cleaner who has extensive experience with exotic skins.